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Director Jonathan Salemi Talks Indy Film Production with Stobaugh

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Recently a friend and filmmaker from Austin Texas – David Alley – asked for some advice about what kind of gear he should buy for a documentary he’s filming.   Here’s a special 20 minute podcast where we speak with award winning director Jonathan Salemi and producer John Stobaugh over technical details you never know you wanted to know.  Enjoy!


Before & After Rotoscope Comparison of 60 Second Ad

Before & After Rotoscope Comparison of 60 Second Ad

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When we were hired to finish this ad, the producers had almost given up on it.  The director had a very cool comic-book premise, but problems in production threatened to kill the whole project.  What you’re seeing now is an early cut which obviously looks nothing like a comic.

So we took a look at it and I immediately saw several things it had going for it.  1. the concept itself motivated the panels on a page look.  This was clutch because it meant we could use all the footage that was shot without loss of resolution. 2. the comic conceit also motivated heavy filters which not only gave it a cool look, but also covered up the problems in production.  3. Finally, I hired a roto artist to cut our heroine out of the background.  Then we replaced the background with panels from the comic book that inspired the project – and suddenly it looked like a million bucks!