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Slogan Media Video Ad 1


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Want to hire an award-winning commercial production team but not sure where to start or how much money to budget for it? Is the price-intimidating? We will give you our greatest ideas and transparent budgeting before we start to make the process very easy for an corporation big or small. We are award-winning filmmakers who are focused on the the next era of marketing and entertainment as they become one. We are producing cutting-edge romantic comedy SNOW DAY for our clients. It stands on its own as a hilarious web series, that takes place in the world our characters inhabit. And many brands play a large part in their lives, as well as each and every one of our own lives. Contact us for a fun and inspiring free consultation that you’ve never had before. Or when we can calling, please answer. John Stobaugh Editor/Writer/Producer SloganMedia.Net, Editing.TV.

Here is the first in our web-series that we hope you will enjoy as a demo of our abilities as filmmakers, entertainers, and marketers.

Slogan Spot: Video is Sexy

A romantic comedy about the life you have and the one you that's just within reach.

Slogan Media Begins Writing New Web Series SNOW DAY

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A romantic comedy about the life you have and the one you that's just within reach.

A romantic comedy web series about the life you have and the one that’s almost within reach.

Throughout 2014, I have had the tremendous pleasure of working on some of the best web series around through my client, Comedy Central’s CC: Studios.   All this company of greatness I hope will rub off as I announce that Slogan Media begins writing new web series SNOW DAY!   This is an original high-concept romantic comedy I am writing for client Uncut Casting Services.

The story takes place in LA when two business travelers find themselves with a lot of time on their hands as the east coast gets buried in an historic snow storm.  They start talking, end up spending all day and all night together, and find their attraction irresistible.  But is it real?  Or is it an illusion that will fade?

There are many parallels between the illusion of all LA has to offer, and all the promises of a new relationship.  Do they go back to the routine when the storm passes back east?  Or do they pursue this developing dream?  Is it even possible to make the magic last?

In January I on-lined the hilarious feature JASON NASH IS MARRIED for CC: Studios, with an all-star cast including Nash,  Andy Richter (Conan), T.J. Miller (Silicon Valley), Paul F. Thompkins, Nick Swardson, Andrew Daly and many more.  Trust me, you will want to see this.


In March I colored & mixed IDIOTSITTER starring Jillian Bell (Workaholics), Charlotte Newhouse (Community), and the legendary Stephen Root (Office Space, No Country for Old Men, etc, etc.)  This is a true masterpiece.


Most recently, I just completed finishing on BRO-DEPENDENT season 2 coming out May 1 on CC: Studios.


SNOW DAY will be a great marketing vehicle for Uncut’s many talented actors.  And I’m very excited to be getting back behind the camera again with a story that’s very personal to me and very funny at the same time.  More updates to come!

-John Stobaugh


T.J. Miller in EXTRACT


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Last year brought many great highlights for Slogan Media including producing commercials for brands like Quilted Northern, Samuel Adams & Best Western – as well as co-producing multiple festival shorts.  We even provided editing, coloring & mixing services on an upcoming movie called JASON NASH IS MARRIED starring Nash, PATTON OSWALT, BUSY PHILLIPS, PAUL F. THOMPKINS, ANDY RICHTER, CASEY WILSON & NICK SWARDSON.

This year is already off to a great start with IDIOTSITTER (above).  This star-studded web series by Groundlings stars Charlotte Newhouse & Jillian Bell (WORKAHOLICS) & featuring Stephen Root (OFFICE SPACE) and T.J. Miller (GET HIM TO THE GREEK) will definitely, DEFINITELY make you laugh.  I love working on projects I would actually watch, and I love my art.

Thank you to all clients – past and future – for making all this possible!  Please check out IDIOTSITTER (above) and check back in with SLOGANMEDIA.NET often.

John Stobaugh / Producer

Enlargement Of Kogan Page on Poptent.com

How Slogan Media’s Top 10 Poptent Content Went

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"What Do You Know..." Finished In The Top-10 And Has Already Lead To Another Assignment

“What Do You Know…” Finished In The Top-10 And Has Already Lead To Another Assignment

July 15, 2013

Poptent.com.  What is it?  I hadn’t heard of it until a few months ago, and upon first visit, was pretty damn intrigued by the concept:  Big Brands (Durex, Samuel Adams, Budweiser) reach out to the filmmaking community (such as Slogan Media) and ask for our commercial ideas.  This clever business model has changed the game and made it possible for start-ups like ours to accelerate exponentially toward critical mass.  Any self-respecting filmmaker would jump all over this chance to make ads that will be seen by top executives at these fortune 500 companies.  And we are nothing if not self-respecting.

So we entered a competition to write and produce a Samuel Adams commercial (playable in the viewer directly above).  We studied the creative brief for the project to assist us in our development process, funneling attention to the distinctiveness of their brand.  Samuel Adams was the pioneer of the American Craft Beer revolution, and they wanted the general audience to remember this.  Additionally, they wanted to convey that their brand is world-renowned and enjoyed by all.  With these keystone themes in place, we crafted a pragmatic, accessible concept that we felt met the desires of the brand and would still look gorgeous.  We were aiming for a perfect mixture of information and inspiration.

We were pretty excited to be working with such a big brand, but it comes with a hefty caveat: Poptent is a competitive forum, and we were up against hundreds of other filmmakers.  We were a bit daunted to see just how many there were.  But there was no time to dwell.  So we focused and finished and watched as our entry traded positions with the other ad entries.

Finally we climbed our way up into the top 10.  And after months of waiting, we are excited to announce that on July 10th our ad was named an “Editors Pick” (pictured left) beating out hundreds of talented applicants!   This is our first Poptent, and we could not be more pleased with the result!

The success from our Samuel Adams commercial and award lead directly to our next Poptent project: a commercial for the new Budweiser bowtie can! (below)

Kogan's Spot Is Currently Leading The Competition

Kogan’s New Spot Is Currently Leading The Competition

When we learned the talent level of this competition – only fifteen filmmakers were chosen – we felt deeply honored just to be there!  We finished editing already and proudly submitted it.  I can honestly say we put our all into it and it turned out spectacular.  The results for this competition will be revealed soon.

We invite you to follow our story by Liking us on Facebook, Following us on LinkedIN, or subscribing to our free email list.

Poptent harnesses the creativity of the crowd.  Our tightly connected world makes this possible, and has brought opportunities to our feet that would have been unlikely in an earlier era.  Which is fine by us.  All we wanted when we formed Slogan Media was to keep making films.   We make little distinction between films for advertisement, marketing, or the big screen.   No one knows which art form we’ll all love in five years anyway.  It’s up to the crowd.


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A sneek peek at an early cut of our Video Is Sexy campaign:

March 23, 2013

We are taking apage from our own playbook in kicking off an upcoming campaign with an ad that says it all: “Video Is Sexy”.

On Saturday the team shot a series of 15-second and 30-second scenes designed to put a humorous face on the growing need to connect with customers through video.

“We don’t just talk about it, we follow this philosophy ourselves,” says Stobaugh. “Above-all we believe there are many many layers of benefit that come from reaching out to our customer base through social video marketing, not the least of which is knowing how the customer feels when they put their brand in our hands.”

Be looking for this, plus much more original content from us about how the world is transforming, and is being transformed by, the new look of entertainment, communication and marketing.

“A big thank you to the enormously talented team for elevating my original concept far above our expectations.” says Kogan.


Export8 Scene1v1 shortform h264 from Slogan Media on Vimeo.

Klarrissa Kranking – Video
Matt Figueira – Contacts
Mark Jacobson – About Us
Alex Raymond Taylor – Products
Ed Walker – News
Brittani Kagan – Support
Nikki White – Shopping Cart
Linda Mendoza – Customer
Umi Vaid – Customer
Ernie Parashis – Customer
Crystal Bush – Customer
Farren Kusu – Customer/Spyware

John Stobaugh – Producer
Kyle Kogan – Director
AJ Mester – DP
Gabe Stewart – Audio
KJ Pasterczyk – Makeup/Hair
Thom Fleming – PA
Eva Miller – PA
Vrej Avedikian – Location
Affordable Sound Stages

Co-Founder Stobaugh with Malcolm McDowell.

Slogan Returns To sCare 2012

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October 28, 2012

For the second year Slogan Media helped to produce the video sizzles that ran during this awards show honoring the humanitarian efforts of the legendary Malcolm McDowell and Kyle Richards. We honor them and Malek Akkad for their efforts to end teen hunger and homelessness. You can contribute at scarefoundation.org.

Pictured: Slogan co-founder Stobaugh with the legendary Malcolm McDowell.

Here’s Slogan’s sizzle reel that introduced Mr. McDowell that evening.

CEO John Stobaugh

Slogan Has A Movie In The Theatres

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October 25, 2012

Slogan Media has the distinct honor of working with Trancas Films on the rerelease of the original Halloween, the classic Jon Carpenter masterpiece.  The return of this 1978 super-smash, genre-bending film features a 10 minute documentary entitled “You Can’t Kill The Bogeyman: 35 Years of Halloween” by Slogan Media and Trancas’ Justin Beahm.

UPDATE: Watch the 10 minute documentary and the trailer below, which has racked up over 70,000 views combined.

You Can’t Kill The Boogeyman: 35 Years of Terror from Slogan Media on Vimeo.



Pictured: Trancas Film’s Malek Akkad with Stobaugh on opening night at the historic Chinese Theatre.


Pictured below: Justin Beahm, writer/director of “Bogeyman” with Stobaugh.


Pictured below: Slogan topper Kyle Kogan at the chinese theatre on opening night.

TheHeroCoach.com Founder Gives A Testimonial

TheHeroCoach.com Founder Gives A Testimonial

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August 5, 2012

Upon completion of principal photography, client Pierre Brodeur gives feedback about his experience shooting a commercial with Slogan Media for his new personal growth venture.  You can learn more about his inspiring story at TheHeroCoach.com.  Brodeur will release the Slogan-produced commercial late summer 2012.


October 1, 2012

We are proud to announce the release of our powerful marketing video & commercial for TheHeroCoach.com. Does it make you want to be a better person?

The Hero Coach FINAL 1 from Slogan Media on Vimeo.


Slogan Plants West LA Roots

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May 11, 2012

Slogan Media co-founders Kyle Kogan & John Stobaugh announced today they will be setting up shop within the offices of Trancas International, the worldwide headquarters of Malek Akkad’s film production company (Halloween). It will feature state of the art multi-media conference/screening room, ultra hi-speed wi-fi access, on-site TV, Film & Animation production teams, as well as AVID & Final Cut editing suites. Located at 2021 Pontius Avenue, near the 405 & Santa Monica Boulevard, Slogan Media will be within minutes of all the major studios.

“This is a very exciting day for us. We believe being under one roof with such complimentary talents will bring great synergy for our clients” says Stobaugh.

Slogan Media is a boutique advertising and marketing production company that specializes in creating feature-film caliber videos for their clients, and leveraging the most-cutting edge strategies in traditional media and social networking placement.