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How Slogan Media’s Top 10 Poptent Content Went

Enlargement Of Kogan Page on Poptent.com
"What Do You Know..." Finished In The Top-10 And Has Already Lead To Another Assignment

“What Do You Know…” Finished In The Top-10 And Has Already Lead To Another Assignment

July 15, 2013

Poptent.com.  What is it?  I hadn’t heard of it until a few months ago, and upon first visit, was pretty damn intrigued by the concept:  Big Brands (Durex, Samuel Adams, Budweiser) reach out to the filmmaking community (such as Slogan Media) and ask for our commercial ideas.  This clever business model has changed the game and made it possible for start-ups like ours to accelerate exponentially toward critical mass.  Any self-respecting filmmaker would jump all over this chance to make ads that will be seen by top executives at these fortune 500 companies.  And we are nothing if not self-respecting.

So we entered a competition to write and produce a Samuel Adams commercial (playable in the viewer directly above).  We studied the creative brief for the project to assist us in our development process, funneling attention to the distinctiveness of their brand.  Samuel Adams was the pioneer of the American Craft Beer revolution, and they wanted the general audience to remember this.  Additionally, they wanted to convey that their brand is world-renowned and enjoyed by all.  With these keystone themes in place, we crafted a pragmatic, accessible concept that we felt met the desires of the brand and would still look gorgeous.  We were aiming for a perfect mixture of information and inspiration.

We were pretty excited to be working with such a big brand, but it comes with a hefty caveat: Poptent is a competitive forum, and we were up against hundreds of other filmmakers.  We were a bit daunted to see just how many there were.  But there was no time to dwell.  So we focused and finished and watched as our entry traded positions with the other ad entries.

Finally we climbed our way up into the top 10.  And after months of waiting, we are excited to announce that on July 10th our ad was named an “Editors Pick” (pictured left) beating out hundreds of talented applicants!   This is our first Poptent, and we could not be more pleased with the result!

The success from our Samuel Adams commercial and award lead directly to our next Poptent project: a commercial for the new Budweiser bowtie can! (below)

Kogan's Spot Is Currently Leading The Competition

Kogan’s New Spot Is Currently Leading The Competition

When we learned the talent level of this competition – only fifteen filmmakers were chosen – we felt deeply honored just to be there!  We finished editing already and proudly submitted it.  I can honestly say we put our all into it and it turned out spectacular.  The results for this competition will be revealed soon.

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Poptent harnesses the creativity of the crowd.  Our tightly connected world makes this possible, and has brought opportunities to our feet that would have been unlikely in an earlier era.  Which is fine by us.  All we wanted when we formed Slogan Media was to keep making films.   We make little distinction between films for advertisement, marketing, or the big screen.   No one knows which art form we’ll all love in five years anyway.  It’s up to the crowd.

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