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A sneek peek at an early cut of our Video Is Sexy campaign:

March 23, 2013

We are taking apage from our own playbook in kicking off an upcoming campaign with an ad that says it all: “Video Is Sexy”.

On Saturday the team shot a series of 15-second and 30-second scenes designed to put a humorous face on the growing need to connect with customers through video.

“We don’t just talk about it, we follow this philosophy ourselves,” says Stobaugh. “Above-all we believe there are many many layers of benefit that come from reaching out to our customer base through social video marketing, not the least of which is knowing how the customer feels when they put their brand in our hands.”

Be looking for this, plus much more original content from us about how the world is transforming, and is being transformed by, the new look of entertainment, communication and marketing.

“A big thank you to the enormously talented team for elevating my original concept far above our expectations.” says Kogan.


Export8 Scene1v1 shortform h264 from Slogan Media on Vimeo.

Klarrissa Kranking – Video
Matt Figueira – Contacts
Mark Jacobson – About Us
Alex Raymond Taylor – Products
Ed Walker – News
Brittani Kagan – Support
Nikki White – Shopping Cart
Linda Mendoza – Customer
Umi Vaid – Customer
Ernie Parashis – Customer
Crystal Bush – Customer
Farren Kusu – Customer/Spyware

John Stobaugh – Producer
Kyle Kogan – Director
AJ Mester – DP
Gabe Stewart – Audio
KJ Pasterczyk – Makeup/Hair
Thom Fleming – PA
Eva Miller – PA
Vrej Avedikian – Location
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