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Slogan Media Video Ad 1

Want to hire an award-winning commercial production team but not sure where to start or how much money to budget for it? Is the price-intimidating? We will give you our greatest ideas and transparent budgeting before we start to make the process very easy for an corporation big or small. We are award-winning filmmakers who are focused on the the next era of marketing and entertainment as they become one. We are producing cutting-edge romantic comedy SNOW DAY for our clients. It stands on its own as a hilarious web series, that takes place in the world our characters inhabit. And many brands play a large part in their lives, as well as each and every one of our own lives. Contact us for a fun and inspiring free consultation that you’ve never had before. Or when we can calling, please answer. John Stobaugh Editor/Writer/Producer SloganMedia.Net, Editing.TV.

Here is the first in our web-series that we hope you will enjoy as a demo of our abilities as filmmakers, entertainers, and marketers.

Slogan Spot: Video is Sexy

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