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The Oscar Winning Ad

Can Fine Art Be Both Inspirational & Promotional?


Will we see The Oscar Winning Ad soon?

This is our name for a concept that is already happening, and could very well grow quickly.  We at Slogan are filmmakers.  We love any opportunity to write, produce and direct.  So it may be wishful thinking on our part that filmmaking opportunities will multiply in the coming years, but it’s also a verifiable trend.

Content marketing is one example of what we’re talking about.  Another example is product placement.  In the simplest terms, “The Oscar Winning Ad” is a long way of saying product integration.  Look at THE INTERNSHIP with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson.  It’s a thinly veiled commercial for Google.  But if it wins an Oscar, our hokey-sounding “The Oscar Winning Ad” becomes an actual thing.

The best example is Mad Men.  It’s a fact that the brand names in the admired series are real, and are often integration deals.  Their existence in the story is literally an Emmy winning ad.  Yet the show retains its integrity.  Perhaps because creator Matt Weiner serves the story over the client.  Perhaps because it’s simply a damn good show.  People just don’t mind a brand message if it’s as natural as a hero or a villain or a prop.  Mad Men is the best TV has to offer.  It is TV’s equivalent of the Oscar winning ad.  Slogan Media is charging into this space with select clientele.

“The Oscar Winning Ad” as an emerging genre fascinates us creatively and financially.  It should equally fascinate our clients.  Can you see the possibilities this opens up?  Making movies for a soda corporation rather than a film corporation amounts to selling drinks vs tickets.  It could lead to many more interesting stories told, and to brands becoming as exciting as Red Bull.

Please help us keep an eye on this trend.  

Is your corporation already going down this road?  Can a small business use it to grow?  Are we trippin or onto something?  Leave your thoughts and we’ll continue this conversation.  Catch future conversations from wherever you are by “Liking” us on Facebook, “Following” us on  LinkedIN, “Subscribing” to us on YouTube, or registering with us here.

We live to work with the best and the brightest, to create characters, worlds and brands that are beloved.  We think the best way to pay for them, and make great films studios don’t make anymore, could be through “The Oscar Winning Ad”.

John Stobaugh

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